DeTalks pilot in Cologne – Photo © Yves Sanwidi

A Guidebook

In the DeTalks project, organisations and artists from all over Europe worked on combining artistic methods and language learning.
The DeTalks project started to be designed in May 2017. At that time, Europe continued to receive tens of thousands of people daily, mainly through the southern and eastern borders. This potential diversification in population flared up radical right and populist rhetoric and reproduced an attitude of fear towards the unknown, the different, the other. Against this rhetoric of fear, the European Union, governments, local authorities, thousands of people, either organised in Civil Society organisations or autonomous, acted towards finding ways to welcome Europe’s new citizens and creating a space of more solidarity, equality and education opportunities for all.

The guidebook that resulted from this project contains various practices and approaches developed and tested in DeTalks pilot workshops in France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands and Sweden.

You can download it here in English:


📎 DeTalks_Guidebook_English.pdf (16.55 MB)

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