Since 2004, several thousands of young people have participated in transnational ROOTS & ROUTES events all over Europe; plus, recently, in America and Africa. Here’s some of their stories.

My first ROOTS & ROUTES Experience was in 2016 and since then, I couldn’t get enough:) So, I joined some more Projects.
Those Experiences had a big impact on my growth as an artist and also an even bigger impact on my growth as a human being.

Alex Di Capua

Being, working and creating together on a joint project with so many different individuals from all over Europe, from different artistic disciplines, can be pretty challenging in many ways. Meeting …

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I was part of ROOTS & ROUTES Experience 2017 and I have to say this experience has really shaped me in a very positive way!

Anna Tafel

I remember feeling empowered to venture into unknown fields because I trusted in the artistic direction and a safe space was created. I really felt like I could reinvent myself and set a start for my …

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When I think back to my ROOTS & ROUTES Experience, this is what I have in mind above all: authenticity and connection.


During the experience, I was able to get to know myself in a completely new way among loving people who made me feel very comfortable and safe. It is an experience that is hard to describe, but I can …

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Before coming to ROOTS & ROUTES I didn't know anyone in Cologne

Catalina Roldán Benavente

I had been living in Germany for a couple of years and by chance I landed at Mixed Reality Exchange in 2020. I was looking for experiences to complete my portfolio but I found much more. I found a …

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I love to dance and it was in that time, where I started to learn more about dancing and being an artist.

Ha Duong

Luckly I got in touch with ROOTS & ROUTES in 2016 through a project which I applied to. I was so nervous and excited at the same time that I got the opportunity to get there. Here I was and with no …

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My first time at ROOTS & ROUTES was the Peer Coach Academy 2016. At that time I was a fresh hobby producer and didn't dare to sing or rap.

Moritz Bussinger

The project not only gave me my first network of artists and friends that I still work with today, but also the courage and guts to realize myself in music. The special thing about ROOTS & ROUTES for …

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I got to know ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne before I even started calling myself an artist. There is a certain atmosphere and connection between people I have not seen or experienced anywhere else.

Rahel Düx

The projects that ROOTS & ROUTES brings to life attract so many wonderful, interesting and talented people that I am always bubbling over with enthusiasm and admiration when I see projects and attend …

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The time with ROOTS & ROUTES has been a phenomenal journey.
As a young hiphop & music interested kid I got in first contact through workshop weeks in cooperation with a local youth center in 2014.

JazzP Beckmann

Nowadays I can look back on an astonishing personal and artistic development, a history of memorable residencies, shows, events, growth and friendships. A loving and dedicatedly caring team is the …

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My first ROOTS & ROUTES experience (Baltrum 2019) was very memorable and wonderful - without any expectations I spontaneously learned about RRCGN and applied for a project and was overjoyed when I got the acceptance.

Kathi Richter

The experience of being on a small island surrounded by so many talented and passionate artists from different countries and disciplines gave me a whole new insight into being an artist. Furthermore, …

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My name is KABU, i´m from Tübingen in the south of Germany, near Stuttgart. Since the end of 2020 i live in Cologne, which ROOTS & ROUTES also is a reason for. I´m an independent Rap artist, Rap coach, media designer as well as a cofunder & coach of the Hip-Hop empowerment projects "TALK".


On the silvester night 2016 to 2017 i reached the deepest artistic low i ever experienced in my life. I spent the silvester night alone, for the first time ever, at the highest viewpoint of my city …

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The pojects taught and showed me a lot. Without them I might not have ever given my artistic passion so much room and meaning. Espeacially coming from a family with restricted financial opportunities it was nice to see how the projects gave me a chance to be someone, to be able to voice my opinions and to love and accept myself.

Jess Maura

I hope everyone gets to make experiences with an international project. To get to know countries through people and to create new connections to art, to people, to places and to yourself.

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Thinking back to the time at RRCGN, feels like a rollercoaster ride. It´s icredibly intensive and emotional. Behind every corner there is waiting something new.

Elisa Roßkamp

The project especially helped me to determine my boundaries and to be albe to open up in new groups. What I liked a lot is that after each project, something new was created through our work …

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If one word could describe both projects, it has to be "lively". The time during the projects is very intensive. You get to feel every existing feeling there is, wich is wonderful.


Freedom, art. The people are unique and have a lot of character, wich is very insipring because the majority of the privileged society gives up a lot of freedom to adapt to society. I recall a …

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With ROOTS&ROUTES I associate national and international projects. Also, openness, interdisciplinary work and to form creative and inclusive room. Each person is accepted the way they are, everyone can outlive their ideas and be part of the project.

Rose Rheinländer

The project helped me a lot in regards of artistic therory. I was able to learn a lot about art, and the planning in class and school, wich was very helpful to me.

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Baltrum had a very positive influence on my artistic creating, because i did an interdisciplinary art project with a gorup for the first time , due to which i learned a lot.

Lara Wiedensohler

Also the international exchange with the others was, what i liked about the project. To have an opportunity, outside from work,  to create something and to be supported by coaches for 2 weeks is very …

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SciFi 22- a very intensive journey with great people at a beautiful place. Together, we created artistic work, we laughed, cried and had intense debates about different ideas.

Lara Kebeck

I met various interesting people during my time at RRCGN. Together, we created artistic work, we laughed, cried and had intense debates about different ideas. I acted in an englisch play for the …

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Each project was very special and a highlight itself. Especially the people and working together in a group full of creativity was, what remains in my memories


For me, RRCGN is a safeplace, where art & creativity are appreciated and encouraged. Through the project, artists of different disciplines are able to befriend each other, which i am very thankful …

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Behind the scenes of the “Pändo” video

On December 3rd 2019, history was made in the art world, when this year’s Turner Prize’s four finalists agreed to collectively share the award, before the judges deliberated on a winner.

Thanos Kyratzis

The work of each of the four, Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo and Tai Shani, addressed a different topic: the apathy of the spectators’ that enables the refugee crisis to continue, …

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There is no doubt that these kind of experieces are valuable for those who are eager to learn something new.

Kristina Marija Kulinič

While surrounded with people from different cultural backgrounds I started to see things from different perspective, wich allowed me to perceive and therefore to rethink prejudices that can keep one …

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ROOTS & ROUTES gave me a real opportunity to meet amazing young artists from different cultural backgrounds and creative fields.

Ieva Savickaitė

ROOTS & ROUTES gave me a real opportunity to meet amazing young artists from different cultural backgrounds and creative fields. By sharing time and energy, creating together we got to know each …

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ROOTS & ROUTES is a great way to develop your skills, to earn new work experience and to network all over Europe with talented people.

Zenzi Faßbender

I first got in touch with ROOTS & ROUTES in 2011 where I participated in a local project as a dancer. After a long stay abroad, I participated in two more projects in 2015: Routes to Employment and …

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Through ROOTS & ROUTES my opportunities to collaborate with other disciplines in projects involving a variety of artists and forms of art have become more and more and so have my participations in festivals, exhibitions and in contests.

Vasiliki Farmaki

I first came in touch with ROOTS & ROUTES through a project about racism which was coordinated by S.Mou.Th in Greece. After that started a series of journeys, both personal and artistic, which …

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Since I took part to my first ROOTS & ROUTES project, I have been studying dance and theatre with more awareness than before.

Beatrice Croce

I have a real passion for theatre. I love dancing, particularly dancehall, house dance, voguing and salsa. I first got in touch with ROOTS & ROUTES in 2015. A friend of mine told me about one of the …

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Image of Lorenzo Ciacciavicca

I learned most of my craft’s abilities working on ROOTS & ROUTES projects, met some of my best friends and collaborators.

Lorenzo Ciacciavicca

I got in touch with ROOTS & ROUTES in 2008, participating in one of the first international projects held in Florence. After that moment I took part to most of the international and all of the …

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Working and cooperating with ROOTS & ROUTES means a lot to me because it combines important values like passion, respect, humanity and social reflection.

Leticia M’Peti Speicher

My name is Leticia and I’ve always been a dancer with passion. The first time I got in touch with ROOTS&ROUTES was in 2006 where I went to the cologne auditions. Back then as a participant I was so …

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It’s during this kind of processes that you really grow by sharing in a creative vibe, by having freedom, recognition and gaining awareness.

Irene Alfambra

I used to dance with friends in the street and it was in 2006 when I found a flyer on the floor announcing a casting for participating in a creative residency in Barcelona. I went to my first casting …

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ROOTS & ROUTES is more than a network, is a family that encourages you to create beyond limits, growing daily as a person, artist and professional.

Marta Mesquida

It is tough to tell or describe what ROOTS & ROUTES is with few words, but I am going to try. For me, it is like a never imagined alternative, in ROOTS & ROUTES I can do my projects along with great …

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ROOTS & ROUTES helped me to get great memories for a lifetime, more experience abroad and new friends all over Europe.

Akeem Cruz Neves

In 2015 I did an audition for Media at the ROOTS & ROUTES Summerscool 2015 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. That was my first project with R&R. After my first ROOTS & ROUTES project in the Netherlands, I …

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The connections I made are very important for me, ROOTS & ROUTES is a network of great people and great artists.

Benjamin Mathieu

I first got in touch with ROOTS & ROUTES in Cologne when I participated to the Urban Media Festival 2013. Since this first project, I had a lot of experiences of creation and meetings with ROOTS & …

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Since I participated in projects of ROOTS & ROUTES I know that I want to have an artistic career.

Josephine Stamer

Before 2011, I danced ballet for a long time, but rather as a hobby. Within my first ROOTS & ROUTES Projects, a new “dancescape” opened itself, I got interested in working with the knowledge of …

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I loved the impact ROOTS & ROUTES had in my life, to open my view to interculturality and multidisciplinary projects.

Esmeralda Elizalde

I met the ROOTS & ROUTES project in 2007, I was in a video art casting and one guy told me about the open call, I was just landing in Barcelona, it was the best opportunity to make contacts with …

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Through ROOTS & ROUTES I was able to exhibit in several countries. This encouraged me, I have exhibited at TATE Britain since.

Saira Awan

My introduction to ROOTS & ROUTES was through ABI Associates in London who I had approached to get support with setting up my own business in 2008. In 8 years, I have participated in many projects …

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I gained more strength, I started to believe in myself and trust in other people

Ingrida Čepanonytė

One of the most important things for me is the feeling of confidence. After participating in I-CARE I gained more strength, I started to believe in myself and trust in other people. I embrace this …

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