ROOTS & ROUTES member organisations offer experiences, exchange programmes and education to young artists, currently in 10+ countries.

Opportunities for those who try to take more chances and those who want to share their work

ROOTS & ROUTES offers a safe environment and the means for young artists to express themselves, collaborate with other artists, experiment and develop their work.

Experience for those who would like to get more out of life and practice their art

With the help of experienced coaches and professionals, young artists get the chance to complete artistic and educational projects in relatively short amounts of time.

Knowledge for those who want to learn more about their artistic discipline as well as other disciplines

In ROOTS & ROUTES projects, artists get to collaborate with a diversity of artists from different disciplines and countries, jointly working on interdisciplinary artistic creations.

Contacts and networking for those who are seeking to work with others

ROOTS & ROUTES gives young artists the opportunity to work alongside other people, often in international contexts, while simultaneously presenting their personal work.