The international ROOTS & ROUTES network creates interdisciplinary projects with young artists, promoting social and cultural diversity through the arts.
  • We are an international network that combines artistic languages, experimental education and a diversity-inclusive social approach.

  • We were founded in 2001 and currently gather members from 9 European countries.

  • We invite young people to participate in interdisciplinary creative processes shared in a space of free expression.

  • We create, develop and promote non-formal cross-disciplinary learning routes from peer-to-peer to masterclasses.

  • We empower young people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds to grow as persons, citizens, and artists.

  • We promote exchange and mobility in and between various countries and backgrounds to increase diversity-inclusive cultural awareness and dialogue.

  • We build a transnational meeting ground between the different local communities to strengthen a diversity-inclusive democratic civil society in Europe and beyond.