In the ROOTS & ROUTES network, partner organisations with a diverse range of approaches to arts, culture, education and professionalisation collaborating for more than a decade have jointly developed a common methodology.
The ROOTS & ROUTES methodology is based on the following principles:


ROOTS & ROUTES workshops and masterclasses are practical. Artists who attend ROOTS & ROUTES workshops usually start working on their projects from day one and end up performing on some stage or recording.

Peer Coaching

Part of the ROOTS & ROUTES methodology is to get participants to coach each other: the ones with more experience share their knowledge and skills with newcomers, alongside professional coaches.

Team Work

Key to successfully creating an artwork/performance together with other artists, even without knowing them, is team work. We rely on collaborative learning techniques such as exchange of experiences, collective brainstorming, improvising, try-outs, reflection and evaluation of the results and the process.

Self-regulated Learning

Our participants get the opportunity to reflect on their own learning process by identifying their own learning needs and assessing their progress by means of especially developed rubrics.

Intercultural Skills

In all ROOTS & ROUTES courses, workshops and residencies, attention is given to mutual understanding and respect for the other, regardless their artistic, cultural, or religious background.