Theory, Documentation, and Working Tools

This publication is a results of the U-CARE project. Partner organisations from 8 countries have collaborated in a 2-year project, creating spaces for self-empowerment of young artists, providing them with tools, skills and knowledge to become U-CARE Peer Coaches: Peer Coaches who develop own ideas and projects that activate the power of arts and media to communicate anti-racist/anti-discrimination messages on a deep level.
The publication has 3 main parts:

  • a theory part offering perspectives on diversity-conscious empowerment against racism and discrimination, on the societal impact of arts and on peer coaching approaches

  • a documentary part, showcasing the U-CARE project with its elements and results

  • a part with practical working tools, including a project pool, methods for educational work and links to online resources

The publication was developed in the framework of the project U-CARE – Urban Culture Against Racism in Europe funded by the EU Fundemental Rights and Citizenship programme.


📎 U-CARE.pdf (6.93 MB)

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