Irene Alfambra is a project manager, film producer and dancer from Barcelona. She is one of the two vice presidents of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association.
Irene has been involved in the ROOTS & ROUTES network since 2006 as a dancer and media artist. During years she participated in several international projects such as creative residencies in different countries and has performed in many venues like Fabbrica Europa or Sziget Festival.

In 2012 she became board member at Rutes i Origens, the Spanish ROOTS & ROUTES partner organisation, with the goal of promoting the network and giving opportunities to other young artists like she had had. Combining her skills as a film producer and as an artist, she started to work as a project manager in cultural and social projects.

Nowadays she is active in the network at different stages and her ten years experience are present in the labor of being the vice president of the ROOTS & ROUTES International Association.


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Associació Rutes i Origens (RiO)

Rutes i Origens is a cultural association formalised in 2012, but active in the city of Barcelona since 2006 as a group of young artists from different backgrounds who wanted to set up a permanent dialogue on art and social engagement. Our main targets are youngsters at risk of exclusion and/or from deprived neighbourhoods. Our artistic strengths lie in the disciplines of dance, music and audiovisual media.

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