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Buma Beats Festival Rotterdam

Cologne, 28.11.2011

A day before the Rotterdam Beats Festival started, I was invited to go to Rotterdam. So it was my luck to have the opportunity to be part of a great festival and the R'n'R Birthday party.

When we arrived at the festival it was a great atmosphere. I, as a young rapper and producer, was overwhelmed to see all the producers, musicians, journalists and businessmen. Furthermore there was the opportunity to listen to a lot of discussions, panels and workshops, so for me it was lots of information to collect. For example dutch rapper Pete Philly did an interview, where he explains the creation of his new album. Also i met two german HipHop journalists, what was a quite nice surprise and chance for me to connect people.
One of the best things was seeing some Roots and Routes people, which i first met in october at the Urban Media Festival. For me it was surprising because despite I just joined the R'n'R movement not a long time ago, it felt like being a part of this great family. Also the 10th anniversary party of Roots and Routes was very nice and ended with a great meal at a restaurant.
All in all it was an amazing trip. I had a great time, experiencing the professional music world, getting lost in Rotterdam, meeting a lot of beautiful people, etc. So I came back to Germany with more motivation to do what I love. Hopefully I can be part of it next year, too.
by Nero > Germany



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