This curriculum combines various training modules for young artists who want to develop their coaching competencies.
To be a young artist in present times is no small feat. It offers both tremendous challenges and great opportunities. Increasing mobility and a rapidly changing society offer chances for artistic development as well as challenges: Financial stability is not a given in the artistic work field.

That said, the rewards from coaching a new generation of young artists are great. ROOTS & ROUTES partners across Europe have met with young artists in the field of performing arts and media who wanted to learn how to coach others in their field. They feel that they have something to offer, as well as to gain: To offer they have the knowledge and skills that they have acquired so far. To gain they have an (additional) means of gaining financial independence with what they know and do best: practicing their art, and passing it on to others.

With this curriculum we want to equip young artists with some of the tools they will certainly use during the journey up ahead.

This curriculum was developed within the framework of the project “Steps Ahead – Professionalisation of Junior Coaches in Performing Arts and Media”, funded by the EU Lifelong Learning Programme “Leonardo da Vinci”.


📎 RRSA_Peer_Coach_Curriculum_v4.docx (0.26 MB)

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