Organising Artistic Self-Empowerment Spaces

In the OASES project, organisations from 10 countries joined forces to develop guidelines, quality criteria and tools for arts-based exchange projects. The results can be downloaded here.
The “OASES for Change” guidebook pools experiences, knowledge and advice based on 18 years of international exchange projects in the international ROOTS & ROUTES network. It contains five chapters:
  • Core values — from diversity-inclusivity to artistic freedom.
  • Resources — from physical environments to organisation development.
  • Communication — both internal and public.
  • Tools — from participant lists to group cooking tools.
  • Annexes — containing educational background texts as well as exemplary exchange project calculations.

You can also go directly to the download page for the OASES tools, but we recommend reading our Chapter IV on those tools first. Enjoy!


📎 OASES_for_Change.pdf (11.34 MB)

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ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. (RRCGN)

ROOTS & ROUTES Cologne e. V. (RRCGN) is a non-profit association that promotes cultural and social diversity in arts and media, strengthening of diversity conscious youth work as well as promotion of international exchanges and international youth mobility.

Centro di Creazione e Cultura

Centro di Creazione e Cultura (CCC) is a Florence-based association focused on artistic education and creation, aimed at fostering mobility and professional growth of talented emerging artists.

Synergy of Music Theatre (S.Mou.Th.)

Synergy of Music Theatre (S.Mou.Th.) is a non-profit organization, whose workforce is a group of dedicated, experienced and emerging artists.

Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations

Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations (lt. Kauno įvairių tautų kultūrų centras - KITKC) is a non-profit cultural and educational organization dedicated to promotion of cultural diversity, shaping intercultural relations and dialogue between people of different nationalities and developing such values as tolerance and respect in the civil society.

Subjective Values Foundation (SVF)

Subjective Values Foundation – in Hungarian language: Szubjektiv Értékek Alapítvány – is active in the fields of the arts, poverty, talent-scouting, anti-racism, diversity, cycling and sustainability.

Streetdance Center Salzburg

Streetdance Center Salzburg (SDC) is a non-profit association which was founded in 1999 in order to promote diversity conscious youth work via dance, to create a platform that unites people from various generations and backgrounds, and to elevate and empower young people to pursue and share their passion for dance and music.