Professionalisation of Junior Coaches in Performing Arts and Media

In the project “Steps Ahead – Professionalisation of Junior Coaches in Performing Arts and Media”, ROOTS & ROUTES member organisations from 5 countries shared their practices in peer education; the ROOTS & ROUTES Junior Coach Curriculum was finalised and adapted to the situations in the partner countries.
There is a growing demand for young urban performing arts and media coaches in schools and youth work institutions in the cities of North-Western Europe. There’s also a growing number of young urban performing and media artists from the culturally diverse quarters of those big cities, many of them in precarious financial situations and not sufficiently connected to the labour market.

In the previous project “The ROOTS & ROUTES Academy”, we had developed a curriculum for a Junior Coach education, providing young artists with basic educational and management skills. The “Steps Ahead” project transferred this concept to new countries and settings, adapting it to the situation in Greece and Italy, and extended the curriculum in line with the needs of the young coaches towards closer cooperation with the labour market, including wider entrepreneurial competencies and “testing zones” for young coaches, providing work experiences in real-life settings.

“Steps Ahead” was funded by the EU programme LEONARDO DA VINCI and coordinated by jfc Medienzentrum e. V.

Watch the video from the German Peer Coach Academy 2014, hosted by jfc Medienzentrum e. V.:

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